men collection of motorcycle leather jackets & pants
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Cobra leather Jacket
Starting at $649
Internal "Air Curtain" vent system,
the look and construction of our competition
roadrace suits in a very functional jacket
Sportrider leather jacket
Sport Rider
Starting at $569
Traditional all black Sportrider jacket
Perforated SportRider leather jacket
Sport Rider - ProPerf
Starting at $619
Fully perforated traditional all black Sportrider jacket
Challenger leather jacket
Starting at $649
Avenger style external vent, convertable to a perforated front
Night Challenger leather jacket
Night Challenger
Starting at $649
Same jacket as the Challenger with reflective piping
Lightning leather jacket
Lightning - Reflective
Starting at $699
Internal "Air Curtain" vent system with reflective piping
Satellite leather jacket
Starting at $689
Road race style jacket
Hurricane jacket Hurricane jacket
Hurricane - ProPerf
Starting at $649
Fully perforated leather jacket
SportRider Evolution
1978 Custom Suit customers request a seperate jacket to wear on the street--the stand alone jacket is created and the evolution begins....
Two peice Racing Suits encorporate a full coverage waistband dipped in the back and shorter in the front for the riders comfort and protection. The detail is popular and becomes standard on jackets as well.
We produced the Classic - a two piece suit with a full circumference zipper for both street and track use in off-the-rack sizes.
We introduce graphics to the Classic and create the colorful Gran Sport Series.
Demand for the Classic two piece suit as separates was so high, that we introduced the top of the suit as the Manx jacket, and lowers as Canyon Sport Pants
Removeable protective armor for street use beomes popular. As a result the sleeves were completely redesigned, moving the wrist zipper into the inseam to allow elbow/forearm armor to extend down close to the wrist bone.
Warm weather riding was completely revolutionized by the introduction of ProPerf leather. ProPerf jackets were the first fully perforated, all leather jackets.
The “Avenger Vent System" revolutionized seasonal riding. Mike Brown's controllable vent concept, allowing rider managed air-flow became the basis of the patented ”Avenger Vent”.
The patented “Air Curtain” System was introduced. This version of controlled venting offers a uninterupted exterior front panel, with air-flow controlled from inside the jacket via a zipper and Velcro sealed windproof flap.
Both the “Avenger Vent” and the “Air Curtain Vent” systems are designed to allow full frontal air flow over and around the body, without allowing the shell of the jacket to expand and billow in the wind. A proper fit is important for comfort, safety and reduced fatigue on long rides.
The Cobra adjustable waistband, lined with suede to “grip” the rider's waist was introduced. Canyon Sport Pants became SportRider Pants with a matching adjustable waistband. Cobra waistband jackets and SportRider Pants came with rear waist zippers.
The Mark2 SportRider jackets series were introduced. Re-engineered to accept our patented adjustable and removable Floating Armor System protection.
This system allows the armor to shift with the wearer's body within the garment-thus preventing the wearer from being restricted by the armor being “locked” into place on the outer shell. The back pad was now able to be suspended from hangers inserted into the inside shoulder patches-thus not hanging at the back neckline pulling the jacket backwards and down.
Patented Ram air sleeve ventilation system was also introduced. In this design the structure of the sleeve is under the leather cover of the sleeve, and so when the zip vent is opened the circumference of the sleeve at the elbow and forearm does not expand with the goal of keeping the armor in the proper location in the event of a crash. The outer cover of the vent naturally pouches out at the crux of the elbow and funnels air up the sleeves to under arm and upper torso.
After bringing these jackets to a highly technical level customers request a softer profile, with more room and less structure. To accomodate this request the CSRR, a relaxed version of the Mk2 SportRider is introduced. The CSRR has a fuller cut, and is longer in the torso making it a little less restrictive than our competition derived standard Mk2 Sport Rider jackets.