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Week at Vanson Measuring for Custom Garments

Never measure yourself. Get someone to help you.
Wear a pair of tight fitting jeans and a t-shirt. Empty your pockets and remove belt. If jeans are not tight, pull up them up to fit snug in the crotch area (important for all measurements below the waist).

On measurements marked with X., use the Vanson Measuring Device (see details on following pages); a second tape measure will also be required for measuring. Please do not be afraid to take a measurement twice, especially on critical measurements like chest, hips, shoulder width and sleeve length.

Be sure to fill out the measurement check sheet, which helps to identify and eliminate incorrect measurements. After you have calculated and compared your measurements, please note you are allowed a 1" (+/-) difference on measurement #12 (Nape Of Neck To Wrist), and 1/2" (+/-) margin of error on all others.

Pull tape measure snug and record your true measurements. Do not adjust measurements for any reason: instead, please explain any special circumstances on a separate note and attach it to the measuring form. For example, please advise if: you are a bodybuilder; you have any physical conditions we should be aware of; you want extra room to accommodate clothing. If you will be wearing special braces, body armor or back protectors, please explain and provide measurements both with and without the braces / armor.

Please be sure to indicate your exact height, weight, and age in the appropriate spaces on the measuring form. There is also a section where you can indicate your riding position. All measurements are needed for a racing suit or Street/Track combo. For custom jackets or pants, please refer to the proper form to see which measurements are needed.


This device is designed to assist you in obtaining consistent measurements. This is very important in order for us to make your garment fit as it should. Use on all measurements marked X. Secure the elastic belt part of the device around waist at bellybutton. Make sure belt is parallel to the floor. The elastic should be a snug fit so it does not move up and down. You can now snap the tape to the tape slider buckle.

Always stand up straight and look forward while your measurements are being taken. Never look down at the person doing the measurement as this will greatly affect the accuracy. You will need an additional dressmakers tape measure.
Make sure that the elastic belt does not move
accidentally during the measuring process.

Click below for detailed instructions on Vanson measurement numbers

1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-44

If you have questions, call Vanson's help line
(508) 678-2000