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RR-12 Mark 2 Men's One Piece Suit

The RR12 is the "NO COMPROMISE" professional one piece Classic Road racing suit designed for maximum comfort and flexibility without sacrificing safety. This custom made suit is constructed of a single layer of 1.4mm competition weight cowhide.

All the zippers and hardware are long lasting brass. The wrists and ankles have raw edge leather construction to reduce the bulk in gloves and boots. The neck tab has a velcro closure tab flap to keep those zippers in the safety locked position.

dr-2 two piece drag suitThe RR12 comes with F.A.S. Armor which is located in the shoulders, elbow/forearm, knees and back pad. All of the armor is attached with our patented full floating armor system. This allows the armor to stay with the rider for safety. It has removable closed cell foam hip pads, and a nylon mesh lining for comfort and ventilation. The license holder (stamped with Vanson's unit number for identification) is located on the wind flap behind the main zipper.

Leather expansion section at the back is for comfort and freedom of movement. POWERSTRETCH key hole shaped sections at elbow/forearm and behind knees allows additional comfort in the racing position. Velcro fields at knees are for puck placement (pucks are not a standard feature). As with all of our racing suits, we have additional customizing options that can be added for minimal costs. The RR12 is an excellent basic suit.

Standard Features

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• Patented F.A.S.TM Foating Armor System and back protector included.

• Leather lined foam padding in shoulder, collarbone, elbow and knee area.

• Velcro® tab accross top of front zipper.

• Beaded collar.

• Removableclosed-cell foam hip pads.

• Zipper on inseam of sleeves.

• Wrists and ankles have "raw edge" finish for comfort with less bulk.

• Scholler Keprotec keyhole shaped sections inside elbow and back of knee for comfort and ventilation in the racing position.

•Velcro® area for the fitting of knee sliders (sliders not included).

•Armor can be accessed and positioned through a zipper in the lining.

•Unlimited custom graphic.



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