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Road Racing Testimonials

Dave Roper
I am well into my 41st year of racing. I haven't missed a year since 1972. Over that time I've raced in a lot of different leathers. First it was Bates, then Perron, then Lou's Leathers, then Advanced Design.

Other than Bates, none of those are still in business. Since 1993, it's been Vanson and I expect that to continue until one of us quits, and I don't think that will be anytime soon. They're the best I've seen.

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Tom Fournier

Vanson Leathers not only makes durable, exceptional leathers, they also save lives. I have experienced the protection that Vanson Leathers can bring first hand. The leathers have the ability to protect against severe injury, or even death.

At the age of forty-one I was in a terrifying motorcycle accident. I was taking a practice lap when suddenly the bike slid out and both the bike and I flew off the track. There not much I can remember after this except the hospital room and the doctor asking me for permission to remove my leg. It had been crushed completely in the crash and the best option was amputate. At the time I thought the worst, I was fiished racing. Not only had they taken my right leg, but they had also stolen my only love since the age of ten, riding.

However, I look back now and think of how lucky I am to even be here to talk about what happened. I believe I have Vanson Leathers to thank for keeping me safe. Since then I have gone on to win many races, including first place in the AARMA two stroke National and World Championship, two third place podium wins in AMA prothunder, and six consecutive first palce wins in the CCS race of Champions down in Daytona. I have won all these while confidently wearing Vanson Leathers on my back, and I would not get on my bike without them. They are built to endure the tough conditions of a crash, and taking the hard hit so your body does not. I gain my wins with the help of Vanson Leathers, who give me the comfort in knowing I am safe on the track.

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9 Years With Vanson Leathers
By John Gessner, age 14

All through my racing career I have always relied on the very best safety equipment, though in the early years it was hard to find good quality gear that fit properly. I remember when I got my first Vanson suit at age 5, my family was on a shoestring budget but I was getting faster and needed a proper set of leathers that fit right and would protect me. I still have that suit, and 3 more that I've used over the years. I've had crashes from 5mph to 100mph in my Vanson suits and they have held up great. I always feel safe and confident at the track in my Vanson suit, and I know that the gear I'm wearing is the best there is. That makes me comfortable pushing to 100% on the track, knowing I'm as safe as I can get if things go wrong. The team at Vanson has supported me for 9 years now, from when they made me my first suit when I was 5 years old and mini roadracing my 50cc Honda to my first ride on a 600cc Supersport bike.

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Drag Racing Testimonials

Korry Hogan
"The World's Fastest Drag Racer - 255mph"
4-Time World Record Holder
Funnybike / Top Fuel Motorcycle

I am witing today to send you my most sincere "thank you" and tell everyone who is thinking about purchasing leathers that yours are THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS!

On September 10, 2011, I was making a few exhibition passes at Us131 (Martin, MI) during the track's "Nitro Funnycar event" when I made one of the quickest and fastest drag racing passes in history. As I went through the finish line, I was blown off my Top Fuel Motorcycle at 246mph in 5.78 seconds.

When I exited the motorcycle, I was lifted into the air and slammed to the pavement, which knocked me unconscious. In hind site, this was the best scenario that could have happened as my body went limp and I slid on my back…for over 300 yards.

As I sit and write this letter, I am totally healed from the crash - totally. The only damage that I suffered was road rash on my lower back, where the vented leather of my suit succumbed to the intense heat and abrasion of sliding across the pavement at 246mph. I had no other damage, none. I could have run a 5k marathon the next morning except I had forgotten my running shoes bak in Denver, HA!

To my knowledge, this is the fastest motorcycle crsash in history, and I am here to write about it. The suit is truly a work of art and I will never put myself in another set of leathers as I have now proved That I can walk away from a second 200mph crash with no injuries. Back in 2008, I was electrocuted by a broken spark plug and had to jump off the bike at 210mph. This crash had the same result. No damage - TRULY AMAZING!

I cannot thank you enough for the incredible leathers that you have provided me with for the past 8 years of my professional drag racing career. Thank you again for all you do to keep us racers and riders safe from harm. You have proved to me that the cost of leather is much, much cheaper than time spent in the emergency room.

Thank you,
Korry Hogan

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Chris Hand
Rider, Red Kneck Express Top Fuel Motorcycle

Over the course of my motorcycle drag racing career I have learned many things,mostly the hard way. One of the most important lessons learned has been that only the highest quality equipment will get the job done,particularly when racing in the Top Fuel category.While experience will show you that there are some areas in your racing program where you may get by with less than the best,protective gear for the rider must never be compromised with anything less than the absolute best available. Vanson Leathers meets this requirement with their suits and other protective gear. The Vanson product fits well and looks great while providing the best protection available for the rider. The Vanson quality combined with their personalized service and as promised delivery has made Vanson my leathers of choice for the past 15 years.

In 2005 I had the misfortune of a top end crash at Gainesville,Fl. I parted company with the motorcycle at something over 220 mph resulting in a very long slide on the Gainesville pavement.I was fortunate to walk away with minor injuries. I will always be grateful for the effort the people of Vanson put into making their product the industry standard. It also reinforced my belief that extra pads,back protector,etc should always be ordered with a suit-this is no place to skimp to save a little money or weight.

Thanks to all staff of Vanson!
Chris Hand

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Dirt TrackRacing Testimonials

Michelle DeSalvo

I have been wearing Vanson Leathers since 1998. I have raced GNC Flattrack, AMA Pro Supermoto, and also Pro Road Racing and World Championship Supermoto in Europe. So I have also had my share of high speed crashes on dirt and asphalt over the years. Without the proper protection I would probably not be able to still compete after 28 years. Safety equipment is the most important thing to consider and Vanson has time and time again saved my skin. This year I purchased a Supermoto suit and I love it because I can't feel it when I am riding. They have a great staff that will work with whatever design you throw at them.