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LAT:N41 42' 5"  LONG:W71 9' 15"

Wash and Redye Service
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Note: get your garments in as early as possible as this procedure can take many weeks to complete dependant on the complexity of your graphics design and the number of garments in the system.

For an extreme situation you may want to consider VANSON's wash and re-dye service. First, we wash the garment with lanolin and the same oils used in the tanning process to restore all of the lubricants that have been leeched out through aging and exposure to the elements. Then we strip off the top coat and touch up any areas that are abraded or discolored, using the original dyes, and re-seal the leather for a finish much like a new leather jacket. This is a completely unique service offered only by VANSON. It can fully rejuvenate tired, worn leather, extending and enhancing the value of your original purchase. For more detailed information on wash and redye click here.

Contact us if you are interested in these services

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