Race Contingency Program - Vanson Leathers
1 (508)678-2000

Vanson Race Contingency Program


For racers with any questions you can call +1 (508) 678-2000 or e-mail: contingency@vansonleathers.com or write (snail mail) to:

Vanson Leathers
Attn: Contingency

951 Broadway
Fall River, MA 02724


  • Vanson Product Racing Contingency also known as Product Award Certificate (P.A.C.) is for Vanson manufactured products – Jackets, Suits or services such as repairs only. Certificate has no cash value.
  • Redemption and orders are calculated using Vanson MSRP. All orders using P.A.C. must be placed with Vanson Leathers directly by the awardee*.
  • Certificates may not be used for shipping and handling fees.
  • Maximum redemption rate is ½ of an order. Balance to be paid at time of order.
  • Multiple Certificates earned by an individual may be combined for maximum value of ½ the MSRP of an order.
  • Certificates earned by multiple individuals may not be combined for redemption.
  • Certificates are not transferable, but any *unused portion may be shared with another person provided both orders are placed at the same time.
  • Any unused portion of a Certificate, not shared by another person will remain available for redemption until the expiration date.
  • Bikes must have Vanson stickers prominently displayed on both sides.
  • Vanson reserves the right to change or modify the terms, prices, and restrictions at any time, and at their sole discretion.

WERA - CCS - FMRRA - NORTHWEST DRAG - LRRS - CMRA - AMRA - CMDRA - SMRI - MRA - AHRMA - NHDRO - BIV - Lebanon Valley - Seekonk Speedway - Moat Mountain Road Course Series - J&J's Yolk & Co Oval Series

All these get product award certificates after every race, once the org has sent us the information.
You do not have to sign up for this.  You just have to run Vanson Ovals on the bike.
You must finish in 1st-2nd-5th and 10th to get the certificates. 

The amount pay out as

    $50.00 for 1st.
    $40.00 for 2nd.
    $30.00 for 5th.
    $20.00 for 10th.

AMA Flat Track

We are paying out any racer (Sponsored riders are not eligible) wearing a Vanson suit that finished in 1st place $1000.00 in the AFT Twins Class.


The Vanson Rookie of the Year is presented to a rider that earns the most points during the current LRRS race season on the criteria listed as follows:

1. The rider must start the 2018 season as a Novice.
2. The rider must advance to the next rider level when advancement criteria are met according to the rules in Section 5 of the 2018 LRRS Rulebook.
3. Novice points are not counted.
4. All Amateur points will be counted
    a. Amateur points will be counted until you have met the bump to expert requirements (section 5.5.2). If a rider does not bump when requirements are met, amateur points accumulated after that time will not be counted.
5. All Expert points will be counted
    a. If the eligible rider wins a first place position in his first expert race the rider will then earn an additional 10 point bonus; these points are only counted toward the Vanson Rookie of the Year award and are not counted as LRRS season points.
6. Expert points outweigh any amateur points
    a. I.E. 1 expert point outweighs any amount of amateur points.
7. A panel of officials will review all the candidates at the conclusion of the season and will make the determination based on the following:
    a. Rider’s conduct with officials.
    b. Rider’s conduct and awareness of the track and race procedures.
    c. Personal appearance, demeanor and deportment.
    d. Sportsmanship with other riders on and off the track.
    e. The panel may penalize any rider for any conduct that may be determined detrimental to LRRS, its officials, riders and attendees.